About Us

MSD Lowlines is proudly owned and operated by Marc & Suzanne Dumaine. Located in the picturesque foothills of Southern Alberta, Marc and Suzanne welcomed its herd of 13 bred Lowline heifers in September 2014. A successful calving season increased their herd and really brought a true insight on how lucky they are to be breeding and raising these incredibly quiet and nurturing breed among the amazing backdrop of mountains, trees and blue sky!


MSD Lowlines are members of the Canadian Lowline Cattle Association, a growing community of Lowline breeders all committed to promoting, educating and breeding these exceptional cattle.


The goal at MSD Lowlines is to continue learning and committing to breeding and raising quality Lowlines. Feel free to contact us. We love to talk about and show off our herd!

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Marc & Suzanne Dumaine

Site 2, Box 51, RR1

Millarville, AB  T0L 1K0